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Senior Designer

Position Description

You may have designed your last marketing communications web site! Apply your valuable design skills to new types of challenges like improving the operations of a hospital, streamlining a government agency's processes or helping people see important messages in a sea of data. Our everyday challenges have always come from within the operations of some of the world's most complicated businesses. You will work side by side with design researchers, our clients' own business experts and technologists to explore better ways of doing business and designing systems that allow people to work better. In the agency world you may have helped people navigate ecommerce. At Electronic Ink, you may help someone save a life.

Technical Skills and Responsibilities

  • Understand and integrate research data into creating visual artifacts for clients
    • Conduct all project work including the design and production of:
    • Workflows (user's pathways through an environment)
    • Product maps (high-level information architecture)
    • Wireframes (screen schematics reflecting the details of the information architecture)
    • Data visualization diagramming (distilling complex information into visuals)
    • Aesthetics (full color screen simulations, complete with typefaces, colors, state changes and other interaction patterns)
    • UI specifications (screen layout, system responses, interaction patterns, accessibility guidelines, and technology considerations)
  • Display proficiency in the Adobe Creative Suite
  • Exhibit strong ability to identify and communicate a client's "story"
  • Show knowledge and appreciation for data visualization and its impact on business decisions
  • Demonstrate familiarity with rapid prototyping tools
  • Exhibit exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail
  • Possess excellent layout and typography skills

Consulting Skills and Responsibilities

  • Excellent time management skills including the ability to work simultaneously across several projects
  • Follow all established design and consulting team procedures, and assist with the development of new procedures
  • Effectively build professional relationships with colleagues and clients
  • Informally mentor less experienced consultants, contributing to the ongoing growth of the team
  • Contribute creative ideas to further the project work and direction of client projects
  • Contribute to and help foster a climate where alternative ideas and approaches are encouraged
  • Demonstrate flexibility in response to changing work requirements and situations


  • Minimum of 3 years of experience creating intuitive workflow-driven solutions (user interface design for websites, mobile devices, business systems, and other applications), with a portfolio of work that demonstrates the level of experience
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Passion for user experience and an advocate for the user
  • Knowledge of data visualization; previous experience a plus


  • BFA or BS degree in design or significant experience working in a design field


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About Electronic Ink

Electronic Ink is an international business system design consultancy dedicated to improving the way people interact with technology, environments and one another.Read more

With a global interdisciplinary team of researchers, designers and technologists, Electronic Ink is retained by some of the best-known organizations in the world to solve their most challenging and complex issues.  Using a unique process that combines research and design, we create systems, software, and experiences that balance business objectives with human contexts.  In collaboration with our clients, we join analytical and creative thought to produce innovative solutions and transformative results.

Electronic Ink’s employees are a diverse group from various design fields, psychology, anthropology and technology.  We are thoughtful, creative leaders who are continually pushing the limits of our clients, and our own, expectations. The people at Electronic Ink constitute the value and competitive edge of the company. We are looking for candidates that can contribute to the innovative spirit of the company and are interested in changing the way business systems function.