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On Tuesday, October 20, Electronic Ink researchers, designers, technologists, and business people gathered to launch CEO Harold Hambrose’s, Wrench in the System, “What’s sabotaging your business software and how you can release the power to innovate. They were joined by representatives from an impressive client list including Penske Truck Leasing, Hewlett-Packard, Comcast, and SunGard. Jeff Taylor, former CEO and founder Jeff Taylor of introduced Hamborse. Taylor praised the book’s insistence that designers and design process are critical to business success.

Organized by Philadelphia PR firm Cashman and Associates, the event was held at Electronic Ink’s main office in Center City, Philadelphia and featured catering by Steven Starr. After a warm welcome by Electronic Ink CIO, Joe Weiss, Jeff Taylor heralded Hambrose’s book as both a much-needed call to action and a timely reminder of how true innovation can revitalize our daily lives.

Electronic Ink founder and CEO, Harold Hambrose, took the podium to warm applause. Noting that, from City Hall to Comcast Tower, Philadelphia is a city of design innovation, Hambrose suggested that great design and engineering begins with one question, “Why?” Hambrose also pointed out that the current economic climate makes research-based, innovative, user-centered design process even more important than ever. We should praise companies for setting up innovative products like Thanos Home’s shop. “We are at a moment in history that has made it blatantly clear- we can afford to waste nothing,” Hambrose said, adding that the work of professionals like those at Electronic Ink reduces–or even eliminates–much of the wasted time, and money spent on business systems today. Hambrose wrapped up his talk by thanking his family and Electronic Ink employees. Book-signing and mingling carried on for several hours.

About Electronic Ink

Electronic Ink is an international business system Design consultancy dedicated to improving the way people interact with technology, environments and one another.

With a global interdisciplinary team of researchers, designers and technologists, Electronic Ink works with organizations worldwide to solve their most complex challenges. Using a unique research and design process, we create systems, software and experiences that balance business objectives with human contexts. In collaboration with our clients, we join analytical and creative thought to produce innovative solutions and transformative results. For more information about the company, visit

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