The Most Common Business Card Mistakes

Business Cards play an important role in marketing and expanding the business.

It display important features about the business, which includes

  • Name of the business
  • Address of the business
  • Email of the business
  • Website of the business
  • Important information about the business and many more.

It is the business card, which makes the first impression on customers. It is a very easy form of direct marketing.

Business Cards can be put easily into the pockets and the wallets. It also shows the seriousness and professionalism.

A good business card is a must. Most businessmen hire professional designers for the designing and printing.

Although it is not mandatory to hire the professionals, it can be made by anyone by just taking proper care of some common mistakes.

The most common Business Card mistakes that businesses commit are:

Omission of Important Details

It is very important that the Business Card must contain all the necessary information.

Some of the most important information that should be there in Business Cards are

  • Address of the business. Mentioning a full address in a Business Card is important, if there is no address on the card, this shows unprofessionalism and careless attitude.
  • Email Address and contact details. People search mostly online about any business, and for any query, they mail and call about it.

So, for attracting more customers, email and contact details should be provided in the card. This will make it easier for the customer to approach the business and acknowledge the services the business provides.

  • Official Website mentioning. Customers view all the details of business on its official website. If any person wants to engage with you, they will initially check your website about your work and proceed further.

Website of the business attracts most of its customers/viewers.

  • Business Name. The first thing any person wants to read and know on the card is the name of the business.

Name of the business should be in capital and bold letters, so that it can be easily seen by anyone.

  • Business Logo. There must be a unique logo of the business which must be printed on the card. This will create a unique portion about the business among others.
  • Social Media address. Increasing influence of social media over the population makes it very important for any business to have its official account on different platforms.

And mentioning these social addresses on a Business Card is very important for better engagement.

Omission of any of these above information will lead to the production of poor quality of Business Cards.

And this will create problems among customers. Further it will lead to the bad impression about the Business.

Very Common Design

In order to make a good impression on the customer, Business Cards have to be unique and attractive. Using a common design for the card will not attract more customers. Otherwise it will look very similar to other business cards.

A good Business card must have distinctive design, so that it will leave its mark on customers.

This can be done by using appropriate color combinations representing business. By making sure that the card does not make any resemblance with any other card.

Mediocre Quality

It is not really important to spend a lot of money on making business cards. This will not create any impact on the customers of business.

This will be beneficial for a shorter period of time and it will not long last for the future of business.

However, for a longer period of time it is better to spend a little extra, on better quality. Otherwise it will create a bad impression.

For example, if the business card is really thin, it will easily get blended and tends to get deteriorated. And if the printing is not good, it will easily wear off.

Hence it becomes more important that cards should be made up of good quality. This will ensure the longer durability of it.

Lack of Information

Proper information about the business on its card is very essential for its better engagement. This includes the details about business, and its functions.

It should state at least one reason that a customer should take interest in. If the customer is not aware about the essential information, he will not be interested. Along with this, details of customer services provided by the business should be mentioned in the card.

Oversize of the Card

A business card must not be oversized.

If a card is in inappropriate size it will not get fit in the pockets or the wallets. This will make it difficult to carry, creating a bad impression of the Business.

For example, if an oversized card is handed to a person. He can neither put it in his pocket nor in his wallet. At the end he will put it on the table or somewhere and forget it over there.

But this does not mean that a card should be very small in size. This will also create problems.

Size of the business card should be standard and appropriate to be kept.

Improper Font Size and Print

Font size of the business card should not be very small. It should be normal and observable so that can be read from a proper distance.

Small font size will make it difficult for the customers to read its details and content.

Along with this, the print color should also be taken proper care. Colors combinations such as, white over grey or sky blue over white should be avoided.

Spelling and Grammatical errors

These are some basic mistakes, which leads to the misinterpretations. These mistakes should be highly avoided.

These mistakes can be easily terminated by double checking the sample of the card before final printing. Otherwise, it will also lower down the status and value of the business.

Ignoring the Back Side

Sometime, businessmen forget the back side of the card. This is the most common mistake committed by them. Information and details should be given on its back side by taking proper care of any error.

It is important as any person who sees a card from the front will automatically see its back as well.


Summing up everything that has been stated so far, a person should take proper care of all the above mentioned mistakes while designing a Business Card.

This will help in expanding and growing the business, creating accurate description among the customers about the business.

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