What Is B2c Liveperson?

What Is B2c Liveperson?

With LivePerson Inc (LPSN), you can interact with customers via text message in a business-to-consumer (B2C) environment. LPSN was initially developed as a web chat service, but has since expanded to mobile messaging as well (e.g. The company is investing in a $60B market opportunity by offering customers a much lower cost of holding on to their calls (i.e. waiting on hold).

What Kind Of Company Is Liveperson?

Type of business



Internet Computer software


The Conversational Cloud LP Insights


US$ 291.6 million (2019)

What Is Liveperson Net Used For?

A software as a service (SaaS) provider, LivePerson develops conversational commerce applications and platforms for customers.

What Is Liveperson Net?

“LivePerson is a publicly traded American technology company that develops products for online messaging, marketing, and analytics. ” –

Who Uses Liveperson Net?


LivingSocial, Inc.


Zendesk Inc



United States



What Does The Company Liveperson Do?

With LivePerson, people and brands can live their lives easier with trusted Conversational AI. With our Conversational Cloud platform, consumers can no longer waste time on hold or crawling through websites and message their favorite brands instead, just as they do with friends and family.

Is Liveperson A Cloud?

LivePerson’s Conversational Cloud is chosen by the world’s most innovative brands. Through our AI-powered Conversational Cloud, we have enabled over a billion brand-to-consumer conversations. Consumers can ask questions and make purchases using the messaging channels they use every day with our service.

How Does A Liveperson Work?

LivePerson allows you to connect with your customers via multiple messaging channels at the same time. Therefore, if you create any settings for other channels such as bots, surveys, agent tools, or operative elements, they will be applied to all channels and only need to be created once.

What Is Va Cobrowse Liveperson Net?

Visitors can use CoBrowse to complete complicated online tasks and processes with ease. The CoBrowse platform allows agents and visitors to browse a brand’s website together. There are illustrations of where each mouse cursor is located, as well as where they are typing.

What Is Http Lptag Liveperson Net?

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